The Transfiguration
Affirmation on the road toward the Cross

When I was asked to teach on the Transfiguration during Crossroads Amsterdam's series through the book of Mark, my initial reaction was one of respectful trepidation. I wondered how I could do justice to such an awesome scene out of Jesus' life. As I dug in to study the passage, I learned much about the significance of what happened that day on that mountain in Galilee, both for the Jews of the First Century and also for us in the Twenty-first Century. This scene played a crucial role in the faith lives of Peter, James and John, and it has much to say to us about spiritual growth as well.

The Transfiguration
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The Transfiguration & the Soul's Gaze

Click the link to download this sermon. If you'd rather read than listen, I've condensed my major findings into an article. May these offerings stimulate your conviction to keep your eyes on Jesus.

Historical Artwork

Carl Bloch, Transfiguration
Carl Bloch, Transfiguration
John Armstrong, Transfiguration
John Armstrong, Transfiguration
Macha Chmakoff, Transfiguration aux 6 personnages

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