Spiritual Tuneup
Take an intentional look at your life with God

A spiritual tuneup is a simple process which will help you to give your spiritual life the attention it deserves. How might this be of benefit you? I love how Eugene Peterson describes it:

Attention to God leads us out
into the open, into a spacious, free life.

Romans 8:6 The Message

Attention to God doesn't provide a quick fix for what ails us. But it does open a way toward a realigning of how we think, what we believe and how we live. It opens a way to live in ongoing, intimate communion with the One who gives us life. And that leads us into places of spaciousness and freedom. Sounds appealing, doesn't it?

It takes both attention and intention to reach this place. I offer a spiritual tuneup as a means for you to be intentional about giving attention to God.

A tuneup involves two parts. In the first part you carve out a bit of time to reflect upon your life with God. You'll consider what you have gained over the past few months and what has helped you to connect with God. You'll identify what desires and dreams are stirring in your soul as well as some adjustments you could make which could help you to realise your desires.

The second part involves a spiritual tuneup session which you can do either in person or online. This provides you with an opportunity to process your reflections and to discern a pathway forward in meeting your goals for your spiritual life. Maybe a spiritual workout is in order -- or maybe a spiritual rest! Together we will seek to discern your deep need and a way to meet it.

Here's how to go about it ...


In the box below you'll find content for self-reflection. Carve out some time to take stock of your spiritual life. A couple of hours should be sufficient, either in a single chunk or over a couple of days. Do this someplace where you will be free from distractions and interruptions, maybe outdoors or in a favourite life-giving spot. Settle yourself inwardly and then look thoughtfully and prayerfully over your life over the past few months. Record your reflections in your journal or, if you prefer, on your computer.


After having reflected upon your spiritual life, talk these through with a spiritual director, a spiritual friend or a mentor. Bringing someone else in on your process will offer objectivity and wisdom for moving forward. It will also provide accountability which is always helpful to following through with our intention.

As a spiritual director I am trained to companion with others as they seek to grow in attending to God. I would be pleased to come alongside you to process your reflection, either in person or via webcam. This could involve a single spiritual tuneup session or lead to an ongoing spiritual direction relationship.

Spiritual Tuneup Questions
Reflecting on my life with God

  1. I'd describe my spiritual health and fitness at the moment as...
    (It may be helpful to think in terms of images, colours or descriptive words)

  2. Thinking back over the past couple of months, the spiritual practices and/or settings which have helped me to experience God are...

  3. My most significant encounters with God during this time have been...

  4. God has been speaking into my life in these ways...
    (ie: things he is showing me, has been working in me, or has been challenging me toward)

  5. I recognise these movements within my soul...
    (ie: my sense of God's presence or absence, emotional life, my responsiveness or resistance, etc.)

  6. I'd rate my satisfaction of how I've been tending to my walk with God as:
    (describe it or give it a numeric value, then explain your answer)

  7. My current desires for my spiritual life... (What longings are stirring in my heart?)

  8. My thoughts on one or two changes I could make to help me to attain these desires...

  9. I'd like to bring into a spiritual direction conversation...
    (ie: themes I've noticed; things for which I'd like to seek clarity, discernment, wisdom or objectivity; my ideas about steps I could take)

I trust your time of intentional reflection will be fruitful for your life with God.
Treat yourself to a spiritual tuneup this season!
Schedule a conversation Meeting via webcam


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