In Spiritual Need?
Discover the potential of spiritual direction for you

Spiritual direction can be a good alternative for Christian counseling. Its approach focuses upon your relationship with God and your spiritual growth, two aspects which are central to wholeness and well-being. Spiritual direction can complement counseling in three ways:
1) running simultaneously, each with a unique focus; 2) as aftercare, beginning as the counseling ends as a way to 'stay healthy'; and
3) as short-term care while you are on a counselor's waiting list.

When you come up against tough things in life, I provide a safe and welcoming place to share your story. We keep your spiritual life central as you share your struggles and pain, and the issues you are facing become avenues to know God better and to grasp his love and grace.

In the midst of the challenges of your spiritual need, you'll become grounded in your identity as a child of God, which opens a way to heal your wounds and transform your pain. Hope and meaning will be restored, gifts from God who loves you.

Have a look at the list below and identify which needs and longings ring true for you:

Points of Connection for
those who are hurting

  • I'm in a crisis which has awakened me to a spiritual need
  • I've lost the closeness to God I once had and want to discover it again
  • I need help to walk through loss and grief
  • I want to grasp hold of my true identity in Christ
  • I'm experiencing pain or brokenness which I want to bring to God
  • I feel like I've lost my way spiritually and need help to rediscover it
  • It would be wonderful just to have someone listen to my story

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements then don't hesitate to be in touch. God's sufficient grace often delights us with what he accomplishes as we come into his presence. When you're ready to get started see the contact page or complete an intake questionnaire.

Spiritual direction does not replace counseling for those with therapeutic needs, and assumes a stable psychological health of those who partake in it. Of course you can't be sure of the fit of any type of soul care until you've met with the provider. At the end of the first session we will discuss whether spiritual direction is an appropriate form of soul care for you and, if necessary, I will point you elsewhere.

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