Hungry for Spiritual Growth?
Discover the potential of spiritual direction for you

Spiritual direction offers strong support when you are reaching for more in your life of faith. With its focus on spiritual growth, spiritual direction is a great match for people who are no longer satisfied with the status quo.

In spiritual direction you'll reach beyond rational knowledge toward a deep, lived-out faith. You'll explore new ways to connect with God. You'll have a chance to uncover things which hinder you, and learn to apply biblical truth and grace to them. Our conversations provide a place to articulate your questions and to gain clarity about what's at play in your soul.

Are you ready to be intentional about your growth, to reach for more in your relationship with God? Have a look at the list below and identify which needs and desires ring true for you:

Points of Connection for
people hungry to grow

  • I long to draw closer to God and deepen my experience of prayer
  • I feel stagnant in my faith and desire to move on to higher ground
  • I want to become more aware of God's presence in my life and more responsive to him
  • I want to grow in self-knowledge and come to a new place of freedom from things that are weighing me down
  • I feel motivated to incorporate spiritual disciplines into my life for the fruit they'll produce
  • I'm facing a situation or decision which requires spiritual discernment

If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, I would be pleased to come alongside of you, in person or online, to help you to attain your desired growth.


Interested in spiritual direction? I invite you to begin a conversation or complete an intake form.

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