My Approach as a Spiritual Director
a look at what is important to me

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A spiritual director's primary role is to accompany people on their unique path of spiritual growth. I give great value to creating a welcoming atmosphere where you are received just as you are. I invite you to notice how God is already at work in your life, and to develop your capacity to listen and to respond to the Spirit's intiatives.

Our work together proceeds according to your unique needs and experience but is always supported by the following vision and priorities:

My Vision

To inspire toward personal and spiritual growth in an atmosphere of grace

My Priorities

  • To be a listener first of all. I seek to provide a safe place to articulate experiences, struggles, questions and beliefs.
  • To stimulate growth in hearing and responding to God's voice.
    Prayer is a common topic in our conversations.
  • To cultivate a growing awareness of God's presence in the everyday moments of life.
  • To facilitate recognition of things which hinder spiritual growth, and their resolution by bringing them into the light of God's truth, grace and love.
  • To encourage you to develop your thirst for God, your intentionality in seeking him, and your expectancy that he will provide.
  • To guide in the practice of spiritual disciplines appropriate for you as useful tools for transformation.
  • To pull from the broad treasure of Christian spirituality (Scripture, sacred writings and devotional resources) to stimulate growth of an authentic, lived-out faith.
  • To treat everything you share with confidentiality in accordance with the ethical standards of my profession.

If this speaks hope to you for your own path of growth, don't hesitate to be in touch.


Elizabeth de Smaele
MMus, MDiv, CSD

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