Spiritual Direction
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Spiritual direction helps people to tend well to their souls, to give priority to their inner wellbeing and their relationship with God.

The soul-shaping conversations begin right where you are and help you to experience God in deeper ways. Through regular conversations you'll discover how you can draw close to God and learn to flourish right in the midst of life's challenges.

Spiritual direction is for people in all sorts of life situations: those who are thriving and those who are hurting, leaders in ministry or those trying to find their way spiritually. It is God-focused and you-focused; it's about intentional conversations which bring the two together into intimate relationship.

The benefits for you

Conversations with a spiritual director are tailored to your unique and current needs. You'll learn and experience some of the following as you head out on this path:
  • become more aware of God's presence and unconditional love
  • grow in inner freedom from the things which are hindering your growth
  • learn how to still your soul right in the midst of life's demands
  • become more intentional about tending to your soul
  • learn to incorporate valuable spiritual practices into your life
  • know the beauty of grace touching the deep needs of your heart
  • gain new insights and endurance to travel through a desert experience
  • experience divine love healing wounds which remain from your past

You come to a session as you are and, in God's presence, insight and grace are provided. It never ceases to amaze me how ready God is to bring us toward inner wholeness and spiritual maturity as we become intentional about seeking him.

Follow a link to learn more about the potential for you:

I'm a pastor or
leader in ministry
I'm hungry for
spiritual growth
I'm in a place of
spiritual need
I'm enduring
loss or grief


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