Spirit of Enthusiasm
Outfitter's Guide to Growing in Christ, Part 1

Three Sisters, Alberta

We stood together looking upwards. “Say Wow!” “Okay, now say it again like you mean it,” a little disappointed by the spirit of enthusiasm my exhortation had generated.

We’d just arrived at the eastern gateway to the Canadian Rockies and the Three Sisters stood majestically before us. It was early November and fresh snow glistened on the jagged peaks. Awesome brilliance set beneath an azure sky.

My niece and nephews had recently moved to the area and I was paying a visit. Could this kind of beauty ever become normal? I wondered. I was afraid it would for this set of soon-to-be teenagers who now had a piece of paradise on their doorstep. So I continued with my pep talk, certain this was life lesson they needed to learn. “Promise me something. Please don’t ever stop saying Wow!”

A spirit that never stops staying Wow! is essential on the adventure of growing in Christ.

Lowlanders are quick to exclaim it when they first arrive in the mountains. But before long the awesome beauty can grow to be routine. Business puts our eyes on the pavement rather than on the view. Normalcy has a blinding effect and occasional reminders help us to recall the awe we felt at first.

It’s the same in the long trek with God. Sometimes our spirit of enthusiasm wanes and we need to be reminded that we are living in simply awe-inspiring territory. That we are being treated to a pretty amazing adventure after all.

How long has it been since you’ve gazed at God and exclaimed Wow!? Since you've pondered his attributes and have felt overwhelmed at the honour of calling this God Lord? Since you've wondered in awe at his friendship, his love, his care?

Praise is like saying Wow! at mountain grandeur, yet the object is the One who imagined the mountains and set them in place. Expressing praise energizes the soul which has grown weary from the trek, and soothes the aches gathered along the way.

If you could use some help in activating a spirit of enthusiasm on your personal trek, the final seven songs in the book of Psalms (Ps 144-150) are a great place to start. When I read them aloud and allow them lend me some words, they never fail to motivate my soul to join the praise. And to realize afresh that this is no routine beauty I see before me after all.

Would you like to join me in a Wow!?
Outfitter's Guide
to Growing in Christ

Each article identifies useful gear to take along on the lifelong adventure of being formed into the likeness of Christ.

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