Searching for God Knows What
a silent retreat
24-26 May 2013, Maarssen, Netherlands

Silence is rare. Our busy culture prevents us from being still. And we start to avoid or even fear being silent. Most of us have gotten used to living hectic lives surrounded by constant white noise. And many of us have become aware that something is profoundly missing and we are searching for more -­ but what? Ourselves? Or maybe even God?

Daunting as it may be, we all need silence. When we enter into silence, we start to see things with greater clarity. When we make room for silence we make room for ourselves. Silence invites the unknown, the untamed, the wild, the shy, the unfathomable - that which rarely has a chance to surface within us. Silence might lead us to God knows what…

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Searching for God Knows What is three day guided retreat and an opportunity to step back from your hectic life, experience silence and search for God. By taking part in this retreat at the beautiful Priorij Emmaus "> near Utrecht, you will be invited into an experiment that you'll never regret. Apart from experiencing silence you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, reflect, take part in different exercises, experiment with prayer, read and understand ancient biblical texts, receive personal direction, and even taste unique monastic beers brewed around Europe.

Invest in yourself. Join us for three days & two nights. Escape from the city, enjoy the peace, and experience a weekend especially suited for those searching and with little or no religious background or experience. €150 (€125 for students) includes comfortable lodging, all meals, guided retreat + materials, personal direction, and the chance to search for God knows what.

This initiative is being sponsored by Vineyard Amsterdam. I am honoured to participate with them as a spiritual director. To register or find out more information, contact Mark Hage.

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