Enduring Loss or Grief?
the gift of a listening presence as you recover from grief

Pathway of grief with bench

If you are walking through loss, I want to extend my sympathies to you. We live in a broken world where things often do not proceed as we hope. But even within this reality hope can be re-discovered, and I believe that your hope can be restored.

As a spiritual director who has traveled through my own journey of grief, it is a high value to me to offer a skilled listening presence for those who are grappling with loss. In contrast to the societal pressure to quickly 'return to normal' after having experienced a loss, I offer a safe and welcoming place to express your grief and the questions which accompany it, whatever they may be.

In our conversations you may voice your struggles and explore what lies beneath them. You will be free to explore questions of faith and to come to understand the things of God within the context of your loss. You'll be invited to reach out in faith as an effective means to recover from grief, and gradually you will emerge on the other side of the darkness.

My path of grief involved multiple pregnancy loss followed by an arduous journey of re-ordering my professional life in its wake. I went on to earn a Master of Divinity degree which included training in providing pastoral care for people who are suffering loss and grief. My training and experience as a certified spiritual director also serve me well as I guide along the path through grief.

As you recover from grief in the context of a spiritual direction relationship, you will learn how to give your loss a place in your life and to embrace hope, joy and faith afresh. I offer encouragement for your journey via the links below and would be pleased to come alongside you, in person or online.

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