Prayer of Devotion
by Ken Gire

Ken Gire is my one of my favourite devotional writers. His book Moments with the Savior has ushered me into countless moments of intimacy with the Lord. This prayer of devotion responds to the scene when we first meet Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42), the well-known, often quoted scenario where Martha is getting worked up in the kitchen by her dinner preparations while Mary refuses to be distracted from cherishing every moment she has with Jesus.

Gire's prayer helps me to take my eyes off of Martha and Mary, and to look to my own life. To consider the distractions, in or out of the kitchen, which keep me from choosing what is best. To focus in on Jesus who also has longings...for me.


Dear Savior at whose feet I now sit,

When you knock on the door to my heart, what is it you are looking for? What is it you want? Is it not to come in to dine with me and I with you? Is it not for fellowship?

And yet, so often, where do you find me? At your feet? No. In the kitchen. How many times have I become distracted and left you there...sitting...waiting...longing?

What is so important about my kitchen full of preparations that draws me away from you? How can they seem so trivial now and yet so urgent when I'm caught up in them?

Forgive me for being so much distracted by my preparations and so little attracted by your presence. For being so diligent in my service and so negligent in my devotion. For being so quick to my feet and so slow to yours.

stone sculpture girl

Help me to understand that it is an intimate moment you seek from me, not an elaborate meal.

Guard my heart this day from the many distractions that vie for my attention. And help me to fix my eyes on you. Not on my rank in the kingdom, as did the disciples. Not on the finer points of theology, as did the scribes. Not on the sins of others, as did the Pharisees. Not on a place of worship, as did the woman at the well. Not on the budget, as did Judas. But on you.

Bring me out of the kitchen, Lord. Bid me come to your feet. And there may I thrill to sit and adore thee....

This prayer of devotion is excerpted from An Intimate Moment with Mary and Martha from the book Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire, Zondervan 1998

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