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My spiritual direction practice is located in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. I am available to meet via webcam or phone with those who cannot come to me in person due to geographical distance or limiting circumstances. A webcam is my preferred means of communication due to the level of interaction and connection it offers. If a sufficient internet connection is not available to you, we may consider meeting by phone, or a combination of phone and email.

An invitation

Spiritual direction is a refined form of Soul Care. If you are reaching for more in your spiritual life, I invite you to explore meeting online. Spiritual direction offers a path of growth which will help you to develop deeper intimacy with God, to reach beyond the things which are hindering you, and to pursue your full potential in Christ. It asks for a personal commitment to set aside time regularly for prayer and reflection, along with an openness to engage with spiritual practices in new ways.

Exploring online spiritual direction

If online spiritual direction interests you, I suggest that you read through the spiritual direction section of this site to orient yourself to what I offer. The next step is to contact me to begin a conversation or, once you feel ready, to complete the intake form. (If you are interested in a spiritual tuneup session you may choose to bypass the intake form and go straight to scheduling an appointment.) Being in touch involves no commitment but will initiate a conversation in which we can discern whether a spiritual direction relationship seems right for us at this time.

Dynamics of meeting online

Distance does not need to hinder the effectiveness of a spiritual direction relationship. The few challenges involved in meeting online are easily overcome through regular contact combined with open communication. A series of appointments will allow us to become acquainted and to learn to listen to God together with regards to your life and the Spirit's work in you. It takes time to build a relationship of trust of course and therefore, after an initial complimentary session, I ask for a commitment to a series of 5 sessions.


Payment is expected either by bank transfer or PayPal (via your credit card). I use PayPal email billing so payments are simple to do. For online spiritual direction, payment is expected in blocks of sessions (we will negotiate how many), due by the first of the set. View my current rates and banking details. The first online session is free and without obligation, with the exception of a single spiritual tuneup session.

Guidelines for a successful online experience

Following these guidelines and tips will pave the way for a successful experience as you engage in spiritual direction from a distance.

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