Love That Binds
a prayer poem

This prayer poem expresses the longing of my heart for deeper community in my local space. Written a few years ago, I see how God has faithfully met the needs which the poem expresses. Yet the longing remains. I'm a strong believer that longings are valuable and need to be listened to, and this poem expresses the need to go deeper in this vital realm of community.

Love That Binds

Ribbon of Love which binds my heart
With hearts of precious many
Scattering the globe.
Your Spirit is not bound by place but
Weaves through time and space
A work of art.

Love Divine, a braid of three
Displays the weave of
Flawless community.
Entwine your love among your own
And urge us on to love as
You have shown.

Wise Gardener, cleanse and prune this branch
That grows too sparse
Upon the vine.
When new growth comes, entwine it with
Its counterparts
In living artistry.

Blessed Source, All-Sufficiency
Draw me to yourself
And satisfy.
Unencumbered then, my heart will
Tie a thing of beauty
In my vicinity.

Elizabeth de Smaele
01 March 2006

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