For a faith that transforms ...

sitting together Spiritual Direction
Soul Care for whenever you are reaching for more in the spiritual life. Highly flexible to respond to your current need, spiritual direction is offered in English and Dutch, in person and online. A brief overview
Outdoor Cafe Teaching
Courses, workshops, retreats and messages to stimulate spiritual growth. Roll up your sleeves, grab some tools, and participate with God in developing
a faith that transforms.
Santo Domingo door
Resources for Growth
Articles and meditations to inspire devotion and stimulate growth in drawing near to God. Choose from classic wisdom, faith formation and spiritual refreshment.
Site in NL
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Elizabeth de Smaele is a certified spiritual director located in The Netherlands.
Deeper Devotion is rooted firmly in the Christian tradition and affirms
the lordship of Jesus Christ and the ongoing work of the Spirit to transform lives.

The Imagery
The site's imagery invites you to create some space in your life for reflection and solitude, taking time in a comfortable chair in a meadow so to speak (above). The gardening tools (below) invite you into action, to intentional involvement as you partner with God in your growth. Together they're powerful agents for change.