Because He is Risen
by Gerard Kelly

Gerard Kelly served as the senior pastor at Crossroads Amsterdam from 2005 to 2009. His skills as an inspirational teacher and poet will long be remembered. On this Easter Day, as the 2011 journey through Lent comes to a close, I share this poem, which is one of my favourites of Gerard's. His poetry is published as Spoken Worship.


Because he is risen
Spring is possible
In all the cold hard places
Gripped by winter
And freedom jumps the queue
To take fear’s place
as our focus
Because he is risen

Because he is risen
My future is an epic novel
Where once it was a mere short story
My contract on life is renewed
in perpetuity
My options are open-ended
My travel plans are cosmic
Because he is risen

Because he is risen
Healing is on order and assured
And every disability will bow
Before the endless dance of his ability
And my grave too will open
When my life is restored
For this frail and fragile body
Will not be the final word
on my condition
Because he is risen

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