What happens in spiritual direction?
a look at what you can expect

It is always an honour to be invited into another's story, and it is an invitation I treat with great respect. My desire is to create a grace-filled environment where you are comfortable to share your story. As I help you to tend to your relationship with God, our conversation creates a sacred place. Together we listen for God's still small voice and he illumines, confirms and guides.

When this happens we've entered sacred ground. We've met with our God who never ceases to surprise as he reaches out in love to work his artistry in our souls.

That might sound a bit romantic or too good to be true but I continually stand in awe as I participate with God in this work.

Spiritual direction is most effective with regular conversations, typically monthly, which lay a pathway for intentional and consistent growth. No two sessions are alike but a few common elements give shape to our work together.

What happens in spiritual direction?

  • We begin with a time of being quiet. This may involve silence, reading a Scripture passage or prayer. The goal is to become aware of God's presence and to ready ourselves to listen.
  • You share what you've chosen to bring for reflection. Our time together flows from your current experience. This may follow up from the previous meeting but will likely be something you are learning or have recently experienced. You may bring a current situation which is troubling, challenging or encouraging you. It's always helpful to prepare yourself for a session.
  • I assist your reflection by asking questions in order to discern how God is at work and to seek his leading in your story. We do this work of discernment together, in God's presence, and it is here that illumination often happens as you speak out things which may have been hidden in your heart and unknown to you.
  • From there what we do flows out of the need that has arisen. The conversation in itself may be sufficient or we may follow it with one of the following: prayer, contemplation of a story from Scripture, receiving or extending forgiveness, instruction on an aspect of Christian living, treasuring the work the Holy Spirit has done, and the list goes on.

If you would like to explore spiritual direction contact me or fill out an intake questionnaire.

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