Faith Foundations
A discipleship track for new Christians

Faith Foundations is a discipleship track, available through Deeper Devotion, which lays a solid foundation for a lifelong faith. Its goal is to help the participants develop an intimate friendship with God and grasp hold of the promises which are theirs in this relationship.

How it began

The material was developed as an 'After Alpha' initiative within Crossroads Amsterdam. In December 2008 eighteen Alpha Course participants asked for help to grow in their faith. God provided a team who shared the vision to mentor these new believers and I developed material to meet their needs. Afterward the participants carried on as a small group and the team took a new group under our care. Both groups are off to a solid start in their life of faith and the team is enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

What makes Faith Foundations unique?

Here are a few aspects which contribute to the effectiveness of our approach:

1. Theme-based Each month, over three evenings, we walk through one foundational theme of the Christian life. Within five months the participants have begun to experience what it means to:

  • develop intimacy with God
  • claim a new identity in Christ
  • receive and extend forgiveness
  • surrender to Christ's lordship, and
  • participate with God in their process of transformation

These truths run deep and it may take a lifetime to grasp their full significance. By introducing them early in the walk of faith, we lay a solid basis upon which healthy spiritual futures can be built.

2. Mentoring Once a month we intentionally connect the participants with their mentors to encourage personal application of what's been learned.

3. Learning style Each gathering incorporates a short teaching time, interaction around the theme and a Bible study. There's a creative dynamic to the learning which the participants love. The teaching is intentionally short because we give priority to letting one carefully chosen Bible passage teach on the theme. Related scriptures are suggested for home to deepen their learning and encourage the habit and confidence of reading the Bible for themselves.


"The first few evenings made a real impact on my life. After learning that our trust grows by using it like a muscle and that Jesus wants to meet with me to develop our friendship, I decided to meet with Him for a half hour each morning. This has made all the difference in my life. I've gone through some very difficult challenges these months but my heart is filled with peace." Cassia

"The most important theme for me was identity. I learned a lot about how God sees me and that I am His beloved daughter. That makes me so happy." Catharina

"It's like I have a backpack stuffed full with all that I've learned in the last five months. God is really at work in me and I feel like I'm now ready to start unpacking and processing it all." Arjen

"My husband has noticed a big change in me during these past few months! I have grown so much." Jackie


Please note that our team has now moved on to new endeavours and our initiative to train other churches in using this material is no longer running. We wish you much success as you build young believers in the faith.

other trainings
that are available

Sample Material 1
Theme 1
Building my friendship with God
Week 3
Intimacy with God
Evening Overview
Bible study
Sample Material 2
Theme 2
A new identity in Christ
Week 1
I am loved
Overview of the theme
Bible study
Evening plan
Teaching (Henri Nouwen video)


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