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Elizabeth's formational sermons

The newest Deeper Devotion resource, here you can puruse and download my sermons.

I've been a member of Crossroads Amsterdam's teaching team since November 2004. Since recorded messages tend to get lost once they're no longer recent, here on this page I am in the process of cataloguing the messages which I call formational sermons. That means that they specifically promote spiritual growth.

Holy Longing

Originally titled Young, Free and Single, this message speaks to anyone who wrestles with unfulfilled longings and desires to live them out in a way which is healthy and holy.

The Prayer-filled life

This was the first in our 2008 series based upon Richard Foster's book, Streams of Living Water. If you desire to draw closer to God and experience intimacy in prayer, I highly recommend this message.

On the Emmaus Road

Closing a series on Christ's Resurrection, I look at how Jesus' death fulfilled key Old Testament scriptures as well as the eye-opening effect on his followers of his very real presence with them.

The Transfiguration

This scene in the life of Christ was crucially formative in the lives of his inner circle. It also holds treasures for the twenty-first century believer who wants to grow to become more like Jesus.

Not I But Christ (download)

This sermon on Galatians 2 is highly formational as it tackles common hindrances that keep us from being formed in Christ's image and some ways we can move forward in this quest. The article Hindrances to Grace is excerpted from this message.

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