Emmaus for today
walking in the presence of Jesus

Emmaus Road by Stushie

The Emmaus Road story (recorded in Luke 24) is rich with possibilities for contemplation. Three aspects jump off the page at me. Each one speaks into a real possibility for experiencing Jesus' presence in the here and now of our lives. Maybe you'd like to choose one of the following to reflect upon today.

#1 The two disciples were in conversation about the here and now things of their lives. The events of Easter weekend were keeping them busy, and Jesus jumped right in there with them as he joined them on the road. He listened to them, intently and very patiently, as he let them voice it all before he had his say.

Jesus is also interested in the things that are keeping you busy. As you go throughout your day, are you aware of the opportunity to share those things with him?

#2 Jesus taught them from the Scriptures, unfolding the mystery of all that Moses and the Prophets had said about himself (v 27). Wouldn't you have loved to have been in on that conversation? (Personally I wish Luke had given a little less press to the disciples' explanation of what had happened that weekend and a little more to that of Jesus.)

Is your need today to hear from Jesus about himself? What would meet it best:
  • To dive into the Old Testament to track what the prophets foretold?
    (Doing this yields more fruit than if Luke had recorded the conversation.)
  • To remember what you have learned already about walking in faith
    with Jesus, but have perhaps forgotten?
  • To quiet yourself in Christ's presence so that he can teach you
    what you need to hear from him?

#3 The disciples were blind to the reality of Jesus' identity until he broke the bread for them. Once revealed, Jesus disappeared from their sight, and they were left in awe as they scrambled to respond to the revelation.

Is your need today to see something which has, until now, escaped your grasp or eluded your understanding? Do you need an Emmaus experience of insight or revelation? This could be a good time to truly seek Christ's presence and discernment. Seek whole-heartedly while staying aware that revelation is given in God's timing, not our own.

If this connects with you, check out On the Emmaus Road, Elizabeth's sermon on this passage.


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