On the Emmaus Road
Revelation in Emmaus and Jerusalem

Along the Emmaus Road Jesus opened the Scriptures to reveal how his life and death had fulfilled all that had been written about him. What I wouldn't give to have a recording of this conversation on the first Easter Day!

On the Emmaus Road

In this message I explore a few of the key Old Testament passages which Jesus likely spoke about along that road. They are fabulous passages which speak clearly and powerful about the coming Messiah.

I find it fascinating, though, that even the teaching of the Master Teacher didn't open eyes that day! Jesus' friends remained blind to his identity until the moment when Jesus gave them a revelation that it truly was him, risen and alive, who sat and ate with them. At that point their blindness was removed instantly.

Teaching plus presence worked together to open blind eyes that day. Teaching plus presence were powerful partners then; they are powerful partners to us still.

We are spiritually blind until the Spirit of Christ reveals himself to us. Yet he opens blind eyes, marvelously and definitively, through the Scriptures, through his presence.

What has he revealed to you lately?


"You did an excellent job with this message: the building up of content, your calm presence yet with authority, your presentation. It was easy to follow yet not simplistic and also gave us enough time to think. Thank you!"Jeannette
Psalm 22 by Christa Rosier

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