The Deeper Devotion Brochure
spiritual direction with Elizabeth de Smaele

In the Deeper Devotion brochure I express in a nutshell what spiritual direction is and how this means of soul care connects with the various needs and situations we find ourselves in.

My passion is to accompany people on their unique path of spiritual growth, coaching them in tending to their soul and developing their relationship with God. Whether you are facing questions and challenges in your life or are hungry to grow, if you are in a position of spiritual leadership or are stuck and in need of help, meeting with a spiritual director is a valuable investment in your walk with God.

Deeper Devotion brochure cover Deeper Devotion brochure fold
Deeper Devotion brochure inside

Add two more panels to the above--my profile and contact info--and you have the complete brochure. If you are interested in paper copies to pass along to others, to have available at your church, or to distribute at a conference, I would be happy to send them to you. Please let me know of your interest, indicating the number of brochures you think you could use, the expected audience and your mailing address.


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