Certified Spiritual Director

The designation of Certified Spiritual Director, is granted by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC).

The CCPC offers certification in various professional fields, an initiative motivated (quoting from their handbook) by "the need to recognize excellence, competency, integrity and established professional qualifications to individuals working in their specific disciplines." The CCPC certifies professionals in various disciplines. In my particular field they certify applicants who have attained "specified levels of education, supervised experience and specialized training in the field of Christian Spiritual Direction."

In order to qualify for certification, spiritual directors must have logged 500 face-to-face hours. They draw from these face-to-face experiences in their ongoing supervision. This ensures that the spiritual director has a broad pool of experience and supervision from which to draw in her practice.

On 09 November 2009 I was granted the certification and I now may add 3 more letters behind my name. So now when I want to 'be official' my credentials look like this:

Elizabeth de Smaele, MM, MDiv, CSD

Those letters stand for: Master of Music, Master of Divinity and Certified Spiritual Director. That adds up to a whole lot of years of study, significant work experience, and a big smile of satisfaction. I give my thanks to the Lord for bringing me to this place!


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