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You know how important it is to stay spiritually fit. Your well-being and effectiveness depend on it. Spiritual direction is a valuable, even indispensable, discipline for the growth and maintenance of a healthy inner life.

In a nutshell: spiritual direction for leaders

A spiritual director offers a listening ear outside of your own community, on neutral ground where it is okay to share questions, pressures and doubts in a strictly confidential setting.

In the spiritual director's meeting room, the needs of your soul stand central, far away from the pressures to perform, prove or impress. It is a holy place where internal unrest and spiritual longings can be expressed and explored, and your calling discerned and affirmed.

If you are worn out by the demands of ministry and you lack the spiritual vitality you once knew, a spiritual director welcomes you with grace and understanding as you seek to re-establish a vital connection between you and God.

If the spiritual disciplines you have always trusted are no longer working for you, under the spiritual guidance of a director, you'll explore new ways to realign your soul life.

Ruth Haley Barton, director of The Transforming Center, describes the value of a spiritual director to pastoral and corporate leaders:

"Few relationships in a leader's life are unencumbered with multiple agendas. While the people around them are often more concerned about what they can get out of them in terms of productivity and success, the spiritual director is in a unique position to ask the question "How is it with your soul?" and to keep asking it whenever it seems like [they] are losing themselves amid the demands of life in leadership."

Ruth Haley Barton, quoted from
Spiritual Direction with Pastoral and Corporate leaders

A fit for you?

As you consider spiritual direction, glance through the needs and desires in the list below, and ask yourself where you recognise yourself in them.

Points of Connection for
Christian Leaders

  • I realize I need to learn to tend better to my inner life if I am to be (or stay) effective in ministry
  • I long to draw closer to God and deepen my experience of prayer
  • I find myself in a spiritual desert, discouraged by weariness or lack of personal growth
  • Ministering to others makes me aware of things in my own life which need perspective and healing
  • I want to develop my ability to hear God's voice and discern his leading in my life and ministry
  • I recognize a concerning mismatch between what I understand theologically and my lived-out experience
  • I long to have a safe and confidential place to reflect on life

As a trained and certified spiritual director, I would be pleased to help you take tangible steps of growth in strengthening your soul. Conversations can take place in person or online. I meet with Christian leaders at the Eliagg GGZ practice in Uithoorn, The Netherlands.


Interested? I invite you to begin a conversation or complete an intake form.

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