Active Waiting

by Heather Cady
(Chicago, IL Heather Between Blog)

Last spring our family was in the middle of transitioning from Spain, where we had been living for the past 12 years, to Chicago. It had been a long decision, full of talking, crying, hoping, fearing, despairing, breaking and healing.

Once the decision was made, then shared, there was an immediate relief. That, however, did not last long. In those early months of 2010, we knew only that we were going to follow God through what seemed like an open door to Chicago.

We didn't know though, exactly what (jobs for both of us), or where (neighborhood, home, school). To be honest, I was an emotional wreck. I found it impossible to rest, trust, and wait and see what God would do.

Fast forward to February 2011. In many ways, our family is still transitioning. We don't know yet where our daughter will attend high school (a quirk of the Chicago public school system.) We are still looking for a church to settle into where we can all feel at home, serve and grow. Our financial support has taken a huge nosedive since transitioning from Europe to the US, so we're not sure what my husband's role is going to be.

But now, instead of fretting, I am able to trust. I really have no other choice, because God has been so faithful to us, not only in the past year, but all through my life. I can look at the apartment He provided for us and know He will continue to house us and give us HOME. I can look at how well our children have transitioned to living in the US for the first time, and know that God will give them what they need to face any challenge, including high school. I can listen to my husband sharing conversations of possibilities for work, both in ministry and in the regular job market, and trust that God will give him the right work.

It's not that I have become so much stronger or trusting in the past year. It's just that I would be a fool to look at all God has done for us and not be able to believe in His faithfulness.

I titled this Active Waiting because it's my heart's desire not to be paralyzed and inert while we wait for God's provision to unfold. Instead my hope is to engage fully in the present, the immediate, NO MATTER what the future may bring.

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Nov 08, 2015
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by: John

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Sep 16, 2011
encouragement from Psalm 40
by: Elizabeth

Hi Dawn, Thanks for sharing your experience. Years ago a Hebrew scholar shed some light on this idea of active waiting for me, and I've benefited from his insight ever since.

In Psalm 40:1 most English translations say something like I waited patiently for the Lord but the Hebrew literally says Waiting, I waited for the Lord. That doesn't make for good English but it sure brings across David's posture in waiting. I don't wait very patiently, but patience is not what this verse asks of us. Instead it invites us to active waiting....

Waiting, we wait. On the edge of our seats. Standing, looking at the horizon. Expectant that God will come through. Not sure when his deliverance will come, but waiting in anticipation, counting on the Lord's faithfulness.

Sep 16, 2011
new to active waiting
by: dawn7

Hi, I am new to active waiting. Ive been looking for this. I mean patience? The term is ambiguous. I need something clear and precise. The term patience is difficult for me to set in my personal mission statement. I get a suffering state even when there is no reason to when I affirm this value.
Im going to try active waiting. And see if it really lights my inner fire. I learned about active waiting from as I was browsing blogs about clues on the "secret" of patience. This certain blog mentioned the author's excitement on what she has learned in the talk of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. "Continue in Patience" I did more study on the active waiting. I feel excited as the blog author have been.
I would like to mention that Your blog gave me an assurance that people out there are practicing active waiting too. I would try active waiting out. Lets see what will reap out of our active waiting. ^^

Feb 20, 2011
Thanks Heather!
by: Elizabeth

You have worn this process of active waiting well, and it's lovely to see you shine as you trust God for the next steps.

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