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A blessed 2013
January 04, 2013

A blessed New Year to you, dear reader!

Inside this issue:
ONE thing
Cultivating Attentiveness
January Getaway with God
Silent Retreat (March 17-22)

ONE thing
keeping it simple

Are you are inclined to make New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe you have given up on the tradition. You know how tough it is to live out the list.

Maybe you’d like to keep it simple this year.

What if you were to form just ONE guiding principle that you’ll allow to guide you through 2013?

ONE thing that comes from deep inside of you, from the place where desire is birthed, from where your energy emanates.
ONE thing that is TRUE YOU. which connects you with your deepest desire.
ONE thing that could keep you on track as January progresses into the autumn.

Forget the lists. Just keep coming back to that ONE thing.

Here is mine, worded as a simple prayer.

Into 2013
Yes You are present,
Yes You will lead.
I will pay attention
and will follow.

That is enough to lead me through this year. I am making it a daily affirmation to keep reminding me of how I have chosen to orient my heart this year.

What might your ONE thing be?

Cultivating Attentiveness

Though God is ever ready to speak and to guide, I’m aware that I often miss his initiatives. Distractions. Deadlines. Anxieties. Inner noise. There are so many things that take up my soul space.

How much do I miss? How about you?

The importance of paying attention is a Leaders’ Nook article which explores the importance, the rewards, and some very practical tips on how to grow in being attentive.

Here’s a little preview, questions that may help you to develop a more attentive life:

Questions for A Review of the Day

1) Sometime today did I still my soul sufficiently to hear God's voice if he had chosen to speak?
2) How and when have I been aware of God's presence in this day?
3) Is there something within me which needs my attention and a touch of God's healing or refining grace?
4) How will I begin tomorrow aware of God's gracious invitation to pay attention?

Upcoming Events (in Holland)
January Getaway with God
25-27 January 2013

Ladies: Looking for a solution to the winter blues? Come away with God alongside like-minded women and enjoy 48 hours of connection and refreshment that will inspire your walk with God for the year ahead.

You'll find all the details and registration info--along with feedback from past participants--at Getaway with God or Stilteweekend Registration for the following Getaway, 19-21 April 2013, will open at the end of January.

Silent Retreat
5 days set apart for God
17-22 March 2013

Getaway with God participants often go home wishing they had more time to come to a place of rest and seek God's presence. If you long for more, this 5-day retreat may be just what you're looking for.

This is an opportunity for both men and women.

Five days dedicated to: meeting with God and turning your attention to how God is working within. Twice daily guided prayer services and daily meetings with a spiritual director will help in navigating the silence and discerning God's movements with the soul.

There are a few spots remaining so if you are interested, don't wait too long. You'll find all the information @ Silent Retreat or Stilteweek

With best wishes for a truly blessed 2013.

Elizabeth de Smaele
MMus, MDiv, CSD
Amstelveen, The Netherlands

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