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Vol. 10 - Lent 2011
March 30, 2011

This is a brief edition of Refresh Your Soul as we enter the second half of Lent. In this edition:
Reflective thought for Lent
A new course is in the works
Teaching team at Crossroads Amsterdam

Toward Jerusalem
Reflective thought for Lent

We are at the midway point of the season of Lent. Tomorrow is the twentieth day of the forty day journey (excluding Sundays) from Ash Wednesday to Easter. I am writing daily reflections through this season. Each gives a short snapshot of a scene in the life of Christ as he makes his way toward the cross, followed by a couple of questions which engage the reader.

I'm really enjoying writing these and I want to encourage you to have a look and see if these can be an encouragement to you as Easter approaches.

You may follow my reflections on Facebook or on my blog. The Facebook page is open to all but if you're a Facebook user, consider becoming a fan.

Deeper Devotion News

A new course is in the works

I've been thinking for quite some time that I'd like to develop an introductory course on spiritual practices. It'll provide a taste of engaging with the Word, prayer and solitude in a contemplative manner. It will be light-weight in comparison with my Drawing Near course, something for beginners in the faith or anyone who is desirous of exploring or renewing their intimacy with God.

Developing a new course is a big undertaking, and I'd appreciate your prayers. A network of churches in Amsterdam have expressed interest in this, so the idea really is going to take shape soon. Exciting!

I envision this taking place over 3 to 4 evenings, in a day-long workshop setting, or as a part of a weekend retreat. If you're interested in following or hosting this kind of a course, do be in touch with me.

Crossroads' Teaching Team

I'm an active member of the teaching team at my church, Crossroads Amsterdam. In the absence of a teaching pastor at the moment, we are working well together and it's a delight to serve as team.

I've design two of our last four series and I've also preached twice during the last month. This has been a lot of work but very satisfying. I've included the links to download these messages:

Acts of Kindness The second in our series on the book of Ruth.

Rejected but ReconciledThe first in a series based on the book The Search for Significance, I look at the need for approval and the Biblical antidote to the fear of rejection.

May the days leading up to Lent be particularly meaningful for you.

Elizabeth de Smaele
MMus, MDiv, CSD
Amstelveen, The Netherlands

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